Oak Building motivates

Merin invited Mulderblauw to design a series of boutique offices. The focus for these offices lies on stimulating encounters and interaction while creating an inspirational…Read more

Rietbaan invites

In commission of Merin, Mulderblauw is transforming several spaces to contemporary boutique offices. The focus for these offices lies on the stimulation of encounters and…Read more

Mulderblauw makes design for single-family housing Zoetermeer

In commission of Novaform Vastgoedontwikkelaars we made the design for the development of the area “Van Beeckstraat” in Zoetermeer. For this design we strived for unity and a…Read more

Start construction Amsterdam City Harbour Hotel

AmsterdamCity Harbour Hotel will arise on a unique location by the water. The project developed by HBB Groep and FRIS Groep consists of a hotel, serviced apartments, a…Read more

Zoku in Sleeper Magazine

Sleeper magazine contributed an article to Zoku after winning two European Hotel…Read more